Meetings and Events
Ongoing: Peace and Social Justice Writing Group
Have you been looking for a creative outlet that combines writing, social justice issues, and building community?  The purpose of our group is to express ourselves creatively and be with like minded, supportive people. 
Our group creates prompts generated from current significant social issues. We then write 10-20 minute  spontaneous, unedited pieces (“freewrites”) in response, and read what we’ve written to the group. A safe place to express yourself - no critiquing or editing involved - and comments from others are limited to what’s memorable and responses such as wow!    
Some of our writing has given form to articles and poems that have been posted on our blog We plan on posting to other venues such as newsletters, blogs, magazines like Tikkun, News & Review guest comment, op-eds for local newspapers and letters to the editor.     Tea/coffee and snacks!
Please come and see if this works for you! Time: 7:00 to 9:00 For date and location, please contact Shauna at  or Lisa at   
Aging, Saging and Engaging
Dear TSR friends,
We are excited to bring you our TSR event, Aging, Saging and Engaging: A Personal, Professional and Political Conversation on Sat., Oct. 19th, 10 to 5 at Trinity Cathedral, 2620 Capitol Ave., Sac. 95816.
It's sure to be informative, interactive, and moving. There will be time to go deeply into our own thoughts and feelings as we listen to speakers share different perspectives on aging, including cultural and philosophical differences, tasks, gifts, and social responsibility. There is an artist's power point presentation called “In/visible” and more.
Included in the cost are 6 CE Units for LCSWs, LMFTs and RNs, a buffet lunch, drinks, snacks, and handouts.
Registration is by mail only – cost, where to send check made out to TSR, and other details are on bottom of flyer, below. Contact Sue if you have registration questions; Shauna if you need other information   
Sign up soon - space is limited - and you get early bird price.
Please distribute widely.  Bring a friend!
See you there,
Shauna, for TSR steering committee 
In Memory: Elisabeth Bower
Presentation at Symposium, October, 2004 
for Therapists for Social Responsibility
“The Reconciliation of Opposing Forces in The Psyche”
Spring Gathering, 2011
*It’s Time to Renew, Connect, Share Ideas, and Take Action!
Saturday, April 2nd, 2:30 - 500 p.m.
Friends Meeting House 890 57th St., Sac. 95819
Free ($10 for 2 CEUs - LCSWs, MFTs, RNs)
RSVP Requested, yes only 
Refreshments provided 
* Networking         * Staging A Miracle            *Action
Have you been watching the news? Thousands have been inspired to leave their homes and work in community for social justice. Join us on April 2nd  and connect with other like-hearted professionals who want to make a difference! 
Tell us what you are fired up about and what inspires you. 
We will informally share the results of our survey (coming to your email inbox this week), provide an opportunity to share your involvement with local, national or global social action issues, and have time for social networking. You are welcome to bring literature, a poem, a work of art, a photo, or music, that represents our struggle for peace and social justice and how it affects us emotionally. 
There will be a special presentation by representatives of Staging A Miracle, a local community group using the arts to heal homeless families. "Staging A Miracle is a five week summer program offering high quality music and arts education to Sacramento's disadvantaged children and families transitioning out of homelessness, culminating in a musical production presented to the public ..."
Please come and bring a colleague! RSVP to 916-447-5706
*Course meets the qualifications for 2 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Elisabeth Bower, MFT, BBSE provider # PCE628. 2 CEUs for RNs, Helene Beddingfield, RN, MFT, provider approved by the CA Board of Registered Nursing, provider #CEP 15100.
Wherever There's A Fight
Stan and Elaine will address issues specifically relevant to physicians and mental health therapists including the Patriot Act, which gives Federal Agents the authority to seize our private medical and mental health records without a warrant and prohibits us from informing anyone including our clients that their records were taken.
          Civil Liberties Issues:
•   Censorship
•   Criminal Justice
•   Disability Rights
•   Dissent
•   Early California
•   Immigrants Rights
•   Labor
•   LGBT Rights
•   Race
•   Religion
•   Women
•   WWII Incarceration
Elaine Elinson was the communications director of the ACLU of Northern California and editor of the ACLU News for more than two decades. She is a coauthor of Development Debacle: The World Bank in the Philippines, which was banned by the Marcos regime. Her articles have been published in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation, Poets and Writers, and numerous other periodicals.
Stan Yogi has managed development programs for the ACLU of Northern California since 1997. He is the coeditor of two books, Highway 99: A Literary Journey through California's Great Central Valley and Asian American Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. His work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, MELUS, Los Angeles Daily Journal, and several anthologies. 

We Support The 99%! We Are The 99%!
Saturday,  December 3, 2011  1:30 – 4:00,
Trinity Cathedral 2620 Capitol Ave. 2nd floor, 
Sacramento, CA 95816.
--Speakers include Diana Martinez, Marilyn Perry, Milton Kalish, Goli Sahba, Ray Bacigalupi
--Dialogue, brainstorming, actions. 
--Those of us who want to will go to Cesar Chavez park to listen and
•If you’re unsure of how you feel about OWS, please come.
•If you’re looking for a way to participate with others, please come.
•If you’re wondering how therapists and other helping professionals can use their voices and skills to help the 99%, please come!
If you haven’t yet seen The Story of Broke on youtube please check it out!
Peace and warmth,
Shauna, for TSR steering committee

You are invited to: 
                                      Join In Our Collective Voice! 
                                     Sunday, September 26, 2010
                 An Invitation: Therapists For Social Responsibility:  

                                  How Can We Best Use our Collective Voice?

      Several years ago, six of us, heartsick over the war in Iraq, came together to share our concerns, and we founded the group, Therapists for Social Responsibility.  We created a mission statement that said we wanted to create community as we addressed issues where the psychological and the political intersect.  Our vision and direction evolved as we continued to meet, talk and expand.  We created a steering committee, set up programs, began offering CE Units, networked with the community and set up our website  We now have an email list of almost 300  therapists and affiliates.  
As we start again this fall, we are looking for input to decide where to focus our energy. Obama has replaced Bush, and yet the Iraq and Afghanistan wars rage on, and our civil rights are still compromised. There are many issues in the forefront now that were in the background then, each relevant and competing for attention. All affect us as they exact serious human physical, psychological and spiritual costs. We know we want to make the world a more peaceful, just and sustainable place, but we are at a crossroads, as a country and a group. 
At our next meeting we will have brief presentations from Planned Parenthood, Dignity in the Schools, and The Soldiers Project.  The rest of the meeting will be devoted to discussing how we can work together. We want you to feel inspired to participate in TSR – for support, community, and to make a difference in critical local and global issues. Let’s find out together where and how we can all  best use our energy. 
Meeting:  Sunday, September 26th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the home of Jean Rosenfeld, 5730 River Oak Way, Carmichael, CA 95608.  
Please RSVP if YES to Shauna Smith,  or 530-263-3978.
If you would like to be more involved, but cannot make it to this meeting,  (please come if you possibly can) send an email with suggestions and what we can do to inspire you to participate. Membership requires no dues; simply send us your email address.  
Here are some things we have done in the past:

Over the past 6 years we have hosted and presented many events and speakers. Some of the most memorable:
•Rabbi Michael Lerner spoke on his book, The Left Hand of God, and as a result a Sacramento branch of the Network of Spiritual Progressives was formed.
•Satsuki Ina showed her powerful film "From A Silk Cocoon" with a panel discussion on discrimination.
•Judith Broder’s presentation led to creating The Soldiers Project, Sacramento.
•We held symposiums including "The Intersection of the Psychological and Political In and Our of the Clinical Hour."
•We offered many CEU workshops including breach of confidentiality due to the Patriot Act, Law & Ethics, Clinical Presence and Self-Care and working with PTSD.
•We signed and created letters and petitions, supported other groups such as the Boots Project, PSR scholarships, Earth Days, International Peace Garden, August Peace Events and more.
•Most recently, we cosponsored an art show, Creative Merger II: Peace and Justice, with California Lawyers for the Arts and the Sacramento County Public Law Library.
What next? It's up to you!
Peace and warmth,
Shauna Smith, for TSR Steering Committee

                              Art Show On Display Through September 9th!
                                                  You Are Invited!
                       Therapists for Social Responsibility is co-presenting,
with California Lawyers for the Arts and the Sac. County Public Law Library,
 Creative Merger II: Peace and Justice
                              Wed., June 9th, 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
                     The Sacramento County Public Law Library
                                   813 6th St., Sac. 95814
•A juried show of art works related to Peace and Justice
•Music by the Jazz Trio from The Sacramento Philharmonic
•Passed hors d'oeuvres
•A glass of wine or other beverage
•A great and varied silent auction!
•And a chance to support community nonprofits
All funds TSR brings in from the silent auction will be divided between California Lawyers for the Arts which offers programs for artists and youth at low cost or free and Opening Doors, Inc., a nonprofit that rescues refugees and victims of human trafficking and teaches them catering skills, among other things. Opening Doors, Inc. will be catering this event.
You can get your virtual ticket ahead of time and save $ and not have to wait in line:
Tickets are: $15 in advance /$20 at the door.
For more information or to be a sponsor or donor to the silent auction email
Hope to see you there!