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Social Action
We're Stuck Together
In And Out of Armor
In And Out of The War Zone
Post Traumatic Stress
Are We All Experiencing PTSD 
Accelerating grief
Don’t Give Hope The Boot
Why Taking Care of My Own Small Corner of the World is No Longer an Option
Great America
Hope in Hard Times
Clinical Social Work and the Culture of War
Therapist Activism and Clinical Practice  
Therapists Activist Workshop in Oakland
Patriot Act
Action Alert - Medical and Mental Health Records
SB1389 Action Specifics
Excerpt from Senate B.1389
Confidentiality, Informed Consent and the Patriot Act - M.Donner
TSR Patriot Act Article 2005
Urgent Action Alert
AMA and The Patriot Act
AMA Timeline
TSR, TPJ, NASW, CSCSW Letter to the BBSE.
Tikkun article - TSR - Therapists and Patriot Act
ACLU legal response re: Confidentiality and Patriot Act
Patriot Act & Hippa, Harry Wang
PSR Patriot Act Letter to Sacramento CityCouncil
TSR Patriot Act Letter to Sacramento City Council
It's not enough to stay asleep

It's not enough to wake up 

It's not enough to take care of ourselves

It's not enough to take care of our community

We have to act globally

Our spirits demand it.