Our Mission Statement
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Let us
light up
the darkness
with our compassion
and love
We are a group of therapists and supporters whose vision is to create connection and community as we work on local and global social issues in areas where the psychological and political intersect. We focus on the human costs of current policies such as war, corporate injustice, cuts in services, civil rights, and harm to the environment both in our clinical work and in the actions we take to effect positive societal change. We have meetings, gatherings, and workshops and offer presentations for therapists and the public in the greater Sacramento area. We support like-minded and like-hearted social action groups and co-sponsor and endorse their events.
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To join our mailing list of almost 300 therapists and supporters in the greater Sacramento area please contact Shauna Smith, MSW, LMFT, TSR coordinator,

When: Sun., 3/26, 2:00 - 5:15,
Where: St. Mark's United Methodist Church,

Fireside Room in Education Building
2391 St. Marks Way, Sacramento
~ Limited to 30 people ~  Doors open 1:45 ~

THERAPISTS! Are you considering offering much needed pro bono or low cost counseling to REFUGEES and IMMIGRANTS and others affected by current policies?

Give as much time as you decide - all is valued.

WORKSHOP OFFERS SPECIFIC SKILLS for working with our Muslim and Hispanic populations.
Presenters: Margaret Lee, PsyD, Jila Behnad, MFT and Lynn Keuve, MFT.

3 CEUs. To volunteer or register for this workshop and for more details, please  contact Shauna L. Smith, coordinator.  
gushauna@yahoo.com   530/263-3978
Love Trumps Hate
Peace & Social Justice Writing Group

Have you been looking for a creative outlet that combines writing, social justice issues, and building community? The  purpose of our writing group is to express yourself creatively and be with like minded, supportive people.  

We create prompts generated from current significant social issues. We then write 10-15 minute  spontaneous, unedited pieces (“freewrites”) in 
response, and read what we’ve written to the group. 

A safe place to express yourself - no critiquing or editing involved - and comments from others are limited to what’s memorable and responses such as wow!  
 ​​​​​​Written and performed by Pete Sinjin,
with Steve Curtis
*Please note: Services are modeled after the *Raha Foundation's guidelines. Each therapist decides individually how much time they want to offer and to whom.

*From Raha foundation website: 
Travel-Ban Support
    In response to the recent travel ban, the following mental health providers are offering free or low-fee therapy services to those affected.  This may include those who have been detained, and their family members; members of the diaspora experiencing new or recurring symptoms as a result of the ban; and those working tirelessly in service of the community (such as lawyers and activists). Cost, number of sessions provided, and language skills may vary. Please contact providers directly for details. We are grateful for these providers and their support of our community during this time. 
Therapists for Social Responsibility
is a proud SPONSOR of the
1/21 at the State Capitol, Sacramento! 

We ❤️ Bernie:
because he speaks for all of us
Let's come together and  ​​Feel the Bern with hot apple cider, hot chocolate, coffee or tea and dessert!
A Friday nite social, educational and inspirational evening. Music, sing-along, video, speakers, sharing.
Cost: Free
Date: Friday, Jan. 22nd
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Place: Trinity Episcopal Church, Great Hall
2620 Capitol Ave., Sac. 95816
Presented by Therapists for Social Responsibility - open to all!

~Kelly Fleming, musician extraordinaire, will sing and teach his original Bernie song and lead us in a sing-along. ("The Times They Are A-Changing," "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land" and more.)
~We'll see a short video of Bernie doing...well, Bernie. :)
~Hot drinks and assorted delicious desserts.
~Speakers and conversations, connections.

*Check out our proclamation  below stating we will support leaders who promote legislation and policies that enhance our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Bernie Sanders' platform and actions closely mirror our ideals and hopes. That's why we support Bernie Sanders for President, 2016!

            ​​​​​THERAPISTS RISING

Let us
light up
the darkness

our compassion
and love

Are you disturbed by the targeting
of Muslim and Hispanic communities?

Want to help but not sure how?

Please come to our symposium on REFUGEE AND IMMIGRANT issues, presented by Therapists for Social Responsibility.

Therapists - 3 CEUs ~ Open to the public.

Our panel includes immigration lawyers and therapists who have clients on the front lines, a World Relief field office director, a family dealing with ICE and more.

When: Sun., 2/26, 2:00 - 5:15,
Where: St. Mark's United Methodist Church, 2391 St. Marks Way, Sacramento
~Space is Limited ~  Doors open 1:45 ~

To register, send $30 to “TSR”, 1511 Wentworth Ave., Sac. 95822. Open to the public: $10 donation
Therapists for Social Responsibility: 
Proclamation of Principles and Values
We are social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, pastoral counselors, chemical dependency counselors, psychiatric nurses, and other mental health professionals with core principles and values we are committed to uphold.
 As in our practices we encourage people to speak out about their convictions, in the urgency of the moment we are choosing as a group to voice our convictions to the Congress, the news media, and the public.
We believe that the physical and psychological environment that is shaped by government policies, legislation, programs and leaders markedly affects the well-being of those who are governed or impacted by these policies.
And as holders of the public trust, committed to do no harm and to treatment toward health and wellness, we believe we have a moral imperative to support and endorse only policies, legislation, programs and leaders that accord with those principles and values; and to oppose those that do not. 
1. We believe in peaceful negotiation as a constructive alternative to violence and war, which harm the psyche and often lead to post traumatic stress disorder, psychosis, anxiety and depression, a vicious cycle that can be perpetuated for generations.
2. We believe that we have within us the capacity for empathy, compassion and generosity as well as for dehumanization, detachment, and self-centeredness and that we are at our highest levels of health and well-being when we are guided by and engaged in the former. We believe we are best served bt sharing our resources globally with those who are suffering through preventable poverty, disease, homelessness, and neglect.
3. We believe that the proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction is unsustainable and imperils the existence of all human and most other life forms. We believe that and in the steps leading to that devastation the physical and psychological anguish of humankind will increase exponentially.
4. We believe that a safe and nontoxic environment is critical to our physical and psychological health and that we must safeguard the ecosystems on which we all depend, including those resources known as the commons which constitute the basic necessities of life. We believe that a healthy environment includes protection of and access to natural settings which are places of psychological and spiritual  healing.  
5. We believe that a society connected to core principles and values will create and implement social programs that promote the health and well-being of its citizens, leading to a humanistic civil society with decreased amounts of stress, guilt, fear and pain. We believe that while basic material goods necessary for survival should be available to all people, excessive inessential goods at the real cost of other people’s  poverty is toxic for the human psyche.
6. We believe that the discriminating or scapegoating of others based on race, skin color, religion, ethnicity, economic status, gender, sexual preference, or political belief for any purpose is antithetical to human integrity and compromise the psychological health of all parties concerned.
7. We believe that privacy and confidentiality are critical to our ability to trust and feel safe and that the invasion of privacy or confidentiality for political purposes or to censor debate is detrimental to our sense of well being and creates an unhealthy state of anxiety and fearfulness.
8. We believe that we are best served in a model of integrity, transparency, and justice, whether in relationship to the self, family, community or to the larger global community.
We therefore support  and endorse legislation, policies, programs, and leaders whose efforts are toward peaceful negotiation;  sharing our resources; reducing our military establishment; protecting our environment; providing funding for adequate social services; prohibit discrimination; maintain privacy and confidentiality; and further the honest, open and just treatment of every individual.
We encourage other mental health professionals and other like-minded persons to support and endorse only legislation, policies, programs and leaders that reflect the principles and values herein stated.
---Therapists for Social Responsibility Steering Committee